Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is just the marketing of your business globally. The world has become the global village due to the fact that internet has made a rapid reach to masses. If you are doing some kind of business and you want to expand your business and attract the other niche, then Internet marketing is the right option for you.

No matter who you are and where you live or belong, as far as you have access to internet then all you need is a personal computer or laptop or notebook or PDA or hand-held Gprs enabled device so that you can easily access the internet. The cheaper and faster technology is spreading its web over developed and developing countries. Your company must have a website if you are opting to market its products over internet.

Either you are the owner of the small business firm or large business owner, let there be first the main perspective or idea in your mind that how you are going to market your product over internet. If you have got a hands-on experience over blogging than you can write articles about your products and so you can write about their detailed specifications and functionalities.

The more unique your company’s product is, the better attraction it gets or the better it stands out. Further more you can get the customers through your blog to your company’s site. All you have to do is to place a link of the relevant products in your blog. One thing you have to make sure is that you don’t place the fake link onto your blog or any other link which may redirect your visitors/customers to other irrelevant pages.

To get to the targeted customers you can also use the Google Adsense. You can also make an account on Google Adwords and make advertisements which can lead your customers to the relevant products of yours. Of course you are going to pay for those advertisements of yours to google adwords. The main game is the right selection of keywords which you use in your ads.

Incase of Google Adsense, all you can do is to decide that where you want your ad to be placed on the blog or your company’s website. The selection of the ad is from Adsense which is based on your content or based on the products of your company’s. you will get revenue from the ad if someone gets attracted to the ad and if he/she willingly or either mistakenly clicks the ad though you may not know what type of ad they clicked.

As a marketer, all you have to do is to invest the money in those internet marketing businesses where there is a less chance of failure. Otherwise there always is a possibility that you may not want to quit your job by relying on your sole internet marketing business. There is as equally likely possibility of failure and success over internet marketing business.

If all your efforts come true in terms of attracting your targeted customers to your site, the site should be capable of handling various customers’ queries at a time. You company’s website contents should be dynamically re-sizable and easily adjustable to the various customers devices they own and if they are accessing your website either from multiple devices like PDA’s or notebooks or other hand-held devices.

Hence internet marketing is also the best option if the company intends to launch its business globally and the company also has to undertake the risks of internationalization while going global. Therefore marketers who are indulged in internet marketing and supporting their companies in this scenario, need to be sharp and should watch the future trend of marketing in internet businesses and they should adapt to new technologies. While promoting their company’s business the marketers should also be well aware of accessing the niche markets to attract new customers / clients and to promote and ad up something new to the company’s assets.


There are four phases of rescue and relief whenever a disaster occurs.
First is the rescue operation, secondly comes the relief operation, after that comes the rehabilitation process and after that comes the reconstruction process. Pakistan army has helped in providing the ultimate help and rescue after the current floods in history south-east Asia. The rescue and relief operation by Pakistan army has now entered the second process which is relief process.

Due the current floods in Pakistan, the children, women and men are suffering due to drinking muddy flood waters because all the pure streams and channels of water are contaminated due to floods. Thus due to these floods the Pakistan needs hundred of dollars to overcome the problems and diseases which are making hurdles in the relief operations.

Providing pure water is one of the basic necessity of life in wake of rescue and relief operations to prevent diseases.I may pronounce here that the nations should join hands to promote the delivery of clean pure water to every child in this world and specially in flood affected areas of the world.

When the calamity like floods or earthquake or hurricanes occurs, even the country like USA also needs assistance to properly promote rescue and relief operations.

Pakistan is no match to USA because it has a one legged democracy which is facing problems because people of Pakistan have tried all its leaders and now the time has come that (we) the people don't trust our governments because they have no crystal clear plans. But the rest of the world should not look into this scenario but they should support all the internally displaced persons (IDPs) on humanitarian basis apart from ethnic, demographic, geographic or other cultural differences because we are all human beings.

Once again I may request all the think tanks, NGO's and others to COME FORWARD AND HELP HUMAN BEINGS IN THE TIME OF NEED.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Operation Rah-e RAST

Here are some videos to boost the morale of our Army Men who are fighting hard to save our lives and serving our country and these videos are to pay my humble gratitude to them.